Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Square Paratha

Asalam Alaikum,

After roti, another important bread is paratha. It is often eaten for nashta(breakfast) with chai(tea). In our house we usually have square paratha because it takes less time to make than a round paratha(saving time is important when cooking breakfast for 11!). Usually I make breakfast for the house because everyone says my paratha are "Zabardast"!

Many of the steps to make roti are the same steps you follow for paratha, and the only additional tools you will need are a small bowl of cooking oil, and a spoon. We will start our paratha from step 10 of making roti-

Step 1(of paratha)-
Spread one spoonful of oil on your paratha, don't get closer than one inch to the edge as it can get messy.

Step 2-fold the bottom up by one third.
Step 2-Fold the top down by one third
Step 3-Fold in the left side
Step 4-Fold in the right side
Step 5-Using the tips of your fingers, flatten the paratha out a little.
Step 6-Dip it into your extra plate of flour to prevent sticking
Step 7- Roll it out to about 8-9 inches across
Step 8- When it has changed color and gotten a bit brown and lost most of its doughy look, flip.
Step 9-Spread one spoon of oil on the top side, then flip again and do the side to the other side
Step 10-Continue fliping your paratha and rotating it a little to make sure it cooks evenly, when both side look a little like this it is finished.
Step 11-Put your paratha into your Rumal(breadcloth) and fold over the corners to keep it warm while you make the rest.


  1. Wow, superb! I'm new to cooking, and haven't made a proper paratha yet. Some parts are overcooked (extra crispy) and others are raw :(
    Will follows your steps this weekend :)

  2. LOVED ITT!!!!!!