Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome to my Kitchen ..kush amdeed mere kitchen men

Asalam Alaikum,
I am an American, and my husband is Pakistani, when I was first married I wanted to cook real Pakistani food for him, so I turned to the internet. I found many recipes, but many had no picture or were not explained in enough detail for me. The first time that I made Aloo Paratha(like a flat bread with a potato filling) they turned out an inch thick, four inches wide and with almost no taste. Darling man that he is, he didn't laugh(much) and instead encouraged me to try again. Three years later I have learned a lot, mostly from my Jaytani(BILs Wife) and my Nund(my SIL). It is much easier to learn in person than just a printed recipe, so InshAllah what I hope to do on this blog is to show/explain each step as if I were standing with you in your kitchen.

Welcome, Kush Amdeed,
Allah Hafiz


  1. ASAK

    Good for you, mashallah! I love food blogs so I hope u won't mind me stopping by. I also have one:

    I found the same thing as is really hard to learn to cook Pakistani food as an outsider. Books focus on Indian food, which overlaps with PK food a lot, but is still not exactly the same. Then there is the net, and most sites are by and for Pakistanis and the recipes are for people who already know a lot of PK cooking and know what a "chutki" of something is or understand "put on dam for 20 minutes." And the learner is like "huh?"

    Anyway, looking forward to your recipes.

  2. Look at me! I'm finally here! I can't WAIT to check this out and try my hand at some of them. :) I hope you keep this one up because it is fascinating. (And thanks to whoever the photographer was... the pictures are so much more helpful than just words. :)

  3. Woww! m so excited to know about you hehe :) cute blog and all the dishes u made!
    wanna ssee some more of you!

  4. hi, when will you be adding more recipes as looking forward to trying them all :)