Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ande ya Aloo pakoras...egg or potato pakoras

Asalam Alaikum,
In our house we make several different types of pakoras, this is one of the easier ones. The really good thing about pakoras is that they are pretty fast if you have unexpected guests and need a tasty snack quick.

You will need
3-4 medium Aloo(potatoes)
3-4 boiled Ande (hard boiled eggs)
about a cup of besan(gram/chickpea flour)
1 Tbsp lal mirch(red chili powder)
namak(salt) to taste
One karahi(a heavy/deep skillet for frying), with 2 cups tel(oil) The tel should be on a medium/high flame, if it is too high then the pakora will burn outside and be raw inside. If the tel is not hot enough then the pakoras will absorb the oil and instead of being crispy, they will be mushy.

Step 1-

Wash the aloo, peel if you want to(I don't, but a lot of people do), and then slice finely. They should be less than a quarter of an inch otherwise they won't cook properly.

Step 2-

After removing the shell from the eggs, cut into slices. Unlike the aloo, the ande should be thick otherwise they fall apart. About 1/4 to 1/2 inch think.

Step 3-

Place the besan, mirch and salt in a bowl and slowly add water while mixing to form a paste that is about the consistency of pancake batter.

Step 4-

Carefully place the ande in the besan, and using a fork cover them with the mixture.

Step 5-

Using the fork, carefully pick the egg up from underneath, and place into the tel in the karahi. Fry the ande in batches of 8-10.

Step 6-

Flip the ande while frying, you should fry until they start to brown and get crispy.

Step 7-

When they are finished frying remove from the tel, and place in a colander or on some paper to drain the oil. Follow the same steps for the aloo, the fork is optional because the aloo don't fall apart, but you may want to use it any way for your own safety.

Pakoras make a very tasty snack for tea time, serve with ketchup and chutney