Friday, October 22, 2010

Aloo Gosht Salan...Beef and Potato Dish

Asalam Alaikum,

Aloo Gosht Salan is the dish served most often in our house. It is my Father-in-Laws favorite and everyone else in the house likes it very much also. It is a basic beef and potato stew, very filling and tasty.

One kilo gosht(beef), bakra ka gosht(goat meat) is also very tasty
6-8 medium Aloo(potatoes), roughly chunked(chunks should be fairly large)
3 medium piyaz(onion), finely sliced
3-4 medium timater(tomatoes), diced
1-2 tablespoons lesan(garlic) paste
1-2 tablespoons adrak(ginger) paste
6-8 hari mirch(green chilies), cut into one inch pieces
a 2 inch stick dal cheeni(cinnamon)
8-10 whole kali mirch(black peppercorns)
1 bari ellichi(large brown cardamom)
6-8 loung(whole cloves)
1 tablespoon lal mirch(red chili powder)
1 tablespoon or to taste namak(salt)
1 teaspoon haldi(turmeric)
1 teaspoon dhania(coriander powder)
1/4 to 1/3 cup tel(cooking oil)
2-3 tablespoons ghee(clarified butter)
one small bunch fresh dhania(cilantro/coriander leaves), roughly chopped

Step 1-Add the tel to your pot and let heat a little
Step 2-Add piyaz to the tel and fry for a minute or two
Step 3-Add whole masalas(loung, kali mirch, dal cheeni, ellichi) to the piyaz.

Fry until piyaz start to turn golden.
Step4- Add adrak and lesan paste to piyaz, fry for about 30 seconds.

Step 5-Add timater, mix well.

Step 6-Add powdered masalas, mix well
Step 7- Fry until the tel starts to separate from the sauce.
Step 8-Add 2-3 tablespoons ghee, this is totally optional and only really for flavor.
Step 9-Add the gosht and mix well, fry for about ten minutes to brown the gosht, stirring frequently to make sure it doesn't burn
Step 10-Add two glasses pani, and mix well.

Step 11-Cover the handi(pot) and cook on a medium fire until the gosht is tender. Stir occasionally, and if it starts to get dry add a little more water.
Step 12-Add the aloo, mix well.
Step 13-Add four glasses of pani, mix well. Cover the handi and cook until the aloo are almost soft enough to pierce with a fork.
Step 14- When the aloo are nearly finished, add the hari mirch. Cover again and cook until the aloo are very soft and the pani has reduced a bit(how much is up to you, we like a lot of sorba{broth} in ours).
Step 15- Add the chopped dhania garnish.
Your Aloo Gosht is ready, serve with hot roti or boiled chawal(rice).


  1. yummy!! delicious and shoo spicy. *watery mouth*
    You cook in matti ki degchi. my mum always tells me that when you cook in mitti ki degchi then it gives you a very awesome and different taste as comapre to silver utensil.
    I just wonder you do such wonderful pakistani cooking.Since how long you here in karachi?

  2. My jayt says the same about the taste in the mutti handi, it is very different than the taste of steel pots. Everyone thinks it is very strange that the only one in the family to use the mutti handi is the gori wife! :-D

    I have been in Karachi for a total of one and a half years, my first visit last year was about six months, then We went back to Abu dhabi for Ramadan, then we came back last october and have been here since then.

  3. Lol! seriously its amazing! normally pakistani ladies donot cook in mitti handi as it takes more time i guess.
    woww! just in one and a half year you have become perfect pakistani chef =)
    and i have not learned cooking in 22 years :D
    though i m a khi born =D

  4. Wow I love your matti ki handi as well. Glad to see you are posting again!

  5. Aishah, this was delicious! I made it pretty much as written, but added a bay leaf and a few green cardomom pods. Please add more meat recipes, especially a few chicken curries! Thanks!

  6. Hi LostFan,

    InshAllah, I will be trying to post more regularly after Ramadhan. I have taken the pictures for several recipes, but what takes time is uploading them to the blog and actually posting!

  7. Hey!
    i just came across you blog. Love this salan recipe, exactly how my mother makes it. Super delicious !
    Keep up the good work. Check out my blog as well

  8. May Allah(swt) reward you with continuous baraka for posting this awesome recipe!

    Jazaka'allah Khair

  9. Jazak Allah Khair! Thank you!

    I just made this at home today. It was wonderful and everyone enjoyed it. Thank you for breaking it down into easy steps. It's hard to find good recipes and advice for desi food.

    I am looking forward to trying more of your recipes!

  10. Great recipe. Comes out perfect. Thanks.

  11. excellent...the tasweers are a great help

  12. Pakistani Cooking is easy once you learn the basics. I think people think it is difficult because it takes more time than American convenience cooking. I am American and my husband swears I cook better than most Pakistani women we know. I know he's telling the truth and not trying to spare my feelings (I put a stop to that after married for 6 mos and discovered he was choking down food he thought was gross. lol)

    My mother in law is an awesome cook and taught me everything I know. She says you have to have natural talent for cooking though. Both of her daughters learned from her and she says neither one cooks as well as I do. This is just like my mother in law's recipe only she insists that you must add kasoori methi and garam masala.

  13. This is amazing, i have made it twice. Love it!

  14. meny bhi try kia....but itnaa pyar look mery salan ka nhi aya :( i m not a good cook :'(

  15. Thanks for sharing the recipie..just made it today with chicken instead...turned out really good...just the right consistency...n spices... I was fasting n had it at iftaree..jzk.

  16. Thanks for the recipe! Made it just now. Today my father-in-law came after his angiography and absolutely loved it! waiting for my hubby to try now. I would love to try it in a matki next time.

  17. Thank you for the perfect recipe Aishah! I tried it today. It turned out wonderful! And the pictures of every step are a great help. God Bless!

  18. This is the best salan I've ever made! It's the first thing I've done all by myself that compares to Mama and Baba's cooking at home. Thank you for putting this recipe together the way you did - the pictures were really helpful. I can't wait to see what else you have for me to try! Thanks again.

  19. Thanks for this recipe, I've made it lots of times and keep coming back. And I always love to see other American's who have learned to cook Pakistani food!

  20. Assalamo alaikum,
    I am European and because i am on my maternity leave now i have nothing to do. I am cooking this right now and i hope my husband will be happy. :) yesterday i made chicken and he came to me with big smile saying: i didn't expect that you can cook so nice pakistani style chicken :D Gori wife zindabad!

  21. Your recipe is great and right the way I cook indian/pakistani food. Next time when I need some recipe I will just check your blog. Btw if you have some more recipes of cookies or cakes please pist for us :)
    Thanks and keep writing

  22. Nice recipe................

  23. Hello , Today i made it , Turned out to be very good , Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe.
    Regards from Mumbai India.

  24. yummy!! i think in made boll cooking is very old style but i like it because its very testy ....
    Pakistan Web Online

  25. Thanks alot fr this fantabulous recipe...God bless u....

  26. Thanks a lot for posting this authentic recipe of Aaloo Gosht popular in Karachi and UP India.

  27. This is my “go-to” recipe for Aloo gosht! I’ve used this recipe over a dozen times, and the aloo gosht always turns out amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!