Sunday, February 27, 2011

Piyaz Wale Ande...Spicy Onion Breakfast Eggs

Asalam Alaikum,
Here is a simple breakfast that we like to eat often.

3 Ande(eggs)
1 medium piyaz(onion)
1 TBSP lal mirch(red chili powder), you can add more to your tastes
namak(salt)- to taste
At least one hari mirch(green chili) per egg, but we usually add more.
tel(oil) for frying

Step 1-Dice the piyaz and the green chilies.

Step 2- Add the tel to your pan on a medium heat, and let it warm up a bit, then add the piyaz.

Step 3- While the piyaz is frying- combine in a bowl 2/3 TBSP water with the lal mirch powder and namak, mix well.

Step 4-Break each ande individually in a separate bowl and add one by one to the mirch paste.
Step 5-Mix well until the mirch paste and the ande are combined with no lumps of mirch powder.

Step 6-When the piyaz start to turn golden add the hari mirch.
Step 7- Add the ande mix to the pan and mix well.
Step 8- Mix and fry until the ande are completely cooked.

Your Piyaz wale ande is ready! Serve with hot parathas and chai. They also make a tasty sandwich with double roti(white loaf bread).