Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fried Hari Mirch...Fried Green Chilies

Asalamu Alaikum,

Fried hari mirch are a tasty, quick condiment/side dish. We usually eat them with dishes that are plain like kitchery, or dals with rice. Normally in our cooking we use the very skinny hari mirch as they are hotter than the other types, but for this you should use the fatter types of chilies. The ones we used are about as fat as a thumb and 3-4 inches long.

9 hari mirch(green chilies)
1 TBSP namak(salt, this is totally optional)
3-4 TBSP zeera(cumin seeds)
tel(oil)-for frying

Step 1-Mix the zeera and the namak in a bowl. If you do not want to use the namak you don't have to, but we prefer it.

Step 2-Wash your mirch and patting to dry.

Step 3-Make a slit down one side of the chili to make a little pocket. You can take out the seeds if you like, we don't.
Step 4-Stuff a large spoon of the namak/zeera mix into each chili

Step 5-Add tel to the frying pan, and let heat a little.
Step 6-Carefully add each mirch to the oil, I use a chimta(tongs) to avoid splatters.
Step 7-Fry the mirches, rotating until they turn a medium brown all over.

Now your mirches are ready to add a bit of spice to a plain meal.


  1. yuMMYY!! its so mouth watering!! btw do you also eat it? or only your husband likes to eat? I think its too spicy for you to eat?

  2. I didn't used to eat them as I was afraid it would be too hot, but I do eat them now. Because we use the fatter light green chilies they are less hot than the skinny dark green ones.

  3. Another tasty version is to stuff them with amchoor(mangoo powder). Love your blog!

  4. That sounds very interesting, I will have to try it next time, Thank you!

  5. That looks yummy!!!! I love hot stuff!