Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tarbuz ka cheelka salan-Watermelon rind curry

Asalamu alaikum,

This is an interesting recipe, though not one of our more regular dishes. It tastes very similar to loki(bottle gourd) salan when finished. I do like the frugality of it, something normally thrown away turned useful.

Skin of one tarbuz(watermelon)-roughly a kilo,
3-4 medium timater(tomato), diced
2-3 piyaz(onions), finely sliced
1 tbsp lesan(garlic) paste
1 tbsp adrak(ginger) paste
a 2 inch dal cheeni(cinnamon stick)
8-10 kalli mirch(black peppercorns)
1 bari ellichi(large brown cardamom)
6-8 loung(whole cloves)
1 tbsp lal mirch(red chili powder)
namak(salt) to taste, maybe about a tbsp
1 tsp dhania(coriander) powder
1 tsp haldi(turmeric)
1/4 cup cooking oil

Step 1 Take your tarbuz and cut it into slices as you normally do, then slice the red part off and set aside for dessert. If there is a bit of pink left it doesn't really matter.

Step 2-Remove all the hard, dark green outer skin.
Step 3-Cut the cheelka into little slices, about half an inch by two inches.
Step 4-Gather all you ingredients
Step 5-Add tel to the pot and heat up.
Step 6-Add the piyaz and whole garam masale(loung, ellichi, kali mirch, dal cheeeni)
Step 7-When the piyaz has started to brown, add the adrak and lesan paste.
Step 8 After about 30 seconds, add the timater and all powdered masale(lal mirch, haldi, dhania, namak), and stir well. Fry until the tel starts to rise to the surface, stir often to prevent burning.

Step 9-Add the cheelka.
Step 10- Add half a cup water, not too much because the cheelka will release water as it cooks.
Step 11-Cover and cook on a low heat stirring occasionally to prevent burning.
Cook until the cheelka are easily pierced with a fork, and most of the water has dried up.
Serve as a side dish, with rotis.


  1. oh i have never heard about thiss! woww!

  2. Even better on the second day, Aishah! I cooked it awhile on the stove top and reduced the liquid -- there really is too much liquid when one makes this in a crock pot, as I tried to. Once again, I added a few shrimp and served it over Basmati rice with cucumber raita and mint/fruit chutney on top. The spices settled and got stronger over the weekend. I will definitely make this again, as soon as I run out of watermelon cubes, and must therefore go and buy another watermelon.

    And again, the thing that excites me most about this dish is being able to make something delicious out of something that would normally be thrown away!

  3. Strange never heard of using Tarbuz Chilka, Cant even think of cooking it :-)