Friday, May 11, 2012

Simple Cholay...Chickpea snack

Asalamu alaikum,

We have two recipes for cholay that we use most, inshAllah I am posting this simple one first and will post the more complicated one another time.

Cholay can be very simple to prepare if you have a short time and need to make something quick. I sometimes boil a big pot of chana(chickpeas) to keep in the fridge so I can pull it out and make a simple snack, fast, for unexpected guests. It is one of the staples of our Ramadhan iftar(fast breaking). It is a very popular snack with a blending of flavors-savory, spicy, a little sweet.

-Two cups already boiled chana(chickpeas). If you have time you can boil your own, if not then canned works well too. Reserve the liquid from cooking, or what comes in the can.
-one alu(potato), boiled and cut into half circles about a quarter of an inch thick
-one timater(tomato), diced
-one piyaz(onion), cut in half and then in very thin half moon slices
-two or three hari mirch(green chilies), diced finely
-small bunch hara dhania(fresh cilantro), chopped
-namak(salt), to taste
-Imly chutney(tamarind chutney), 3-4 tablespoons, to your taste
-Hari chutney(green chutney), 3-4 tablespoons, to your taste. I sometimes use this one, but any simple chutney can work.
-Chaat masala(spice mix), 1 tablespoon. I usually use Shan brand, though you could make your own if you prefer
-reserved water from can or cooking the chana, 5-6 tablespoons, or to your taste.

Step 1-In a large mixing bowl, combine the chana, alu, shan masala, namak, and half each of the piyaz, timater, hari mirch, hara dhania.
Step 2-Mix well, and transfer to serving dish.
Step 3-Garnish with remaining timater, piyaz, hari mirch, and hara dhania.
Step 4-Pour the imly chutney all around the top of the dish.
Step 5-Do the same with the hari chutney.
Step 6- Add the reserved water by the spoonful until the amount of liquid is to your liking.
If you would like you can add more shan masala sprinkled on the top of your cholay.
Cholay is ready!