Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sooji Ka Halwa...Semolina Dessert

Asalam Alaikum,
This is a sweet dish that we sometimes make, especially on Fridays or holidays.

1/2 c Sooji(semolina)
1/4 c Ghee(this is the brand we
use, it is very tasty)
3-4 green Elichi(cardamoms)
3/4 c Cheeni(sugar)
2c Pani(water)
Optional -1-2 TBSP each of Kishmish(rasins) and sliced Badam(almonds)

Step 1-In a dry skillet on a medium heat dry roast the sooji, it will change color for a pale off white to almost brown. You must stir CONSTANTLY, otherwise the sooji will burn.

When it is about this color, it is finished and you should put the sooji on a plate to the side to cool while you start the next step.
This is a before and after of the roasted sooji-
Step 2 In the same pan put the ghee, then break open your elichi(cardamoms) and drop them in, fry for a minute until they release a pleasant scent.

Step3-Add the roasted sooji, the water and sugar. Stir well, cook for several minutes and then remove the elichi.
Step 4(optional)- Add the sliced Badam(almonds) and the kishmish(raisins)
Step 5-Continue cooking, stirring often so that it does not burn, until there are no more light colored grains of sooji and the whole thing thickens until it is(roughly) the consistency of peanut butter.
Step 6Your sooji is complete, pour into a serving dish and garnish with additional sliced Badam(almonds) if desired. You can eat it still warm(like a custard) or if you prefer you can wait until it cools, it will firm up sort of like jello and you can cut it into bars and eat it like a cookie.

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